we launched a new weekly challenge game start in Fall 2018! This is a challenge game aims to improve your black/white boxes pen-testing skills! We aim to help you being more comfortable when you go to compete real CTF games through practicing!

The Rule

The rule is simple, go to vulnhub download a box you perfer, then gain Root access and find the flags in the box. There are different hints or rules might different in each box, just follow the author’s instuctions !

How to gain Points?

In order to earn points and get a prize in the end of the semester, you will need to send screenshots for finding the flags and gaining the Root access to ! make sure you include your NAME in the SCREENSHOT, After you done all this, send your screenshots to

Each box worth 100 points after you complete all the flags in it. Online Walkthrough are allowed, all is about learning and we know everyone needs a place to start! But if you did a box that does not have many detalis or walkthrough (aka hard), we will give you extra points! Imagine yourself are doing a black box pen-testing

Bonus Points: If you submit a report for what you find during your hacking, we will give you extra points! A good pen-tester not only know how to break stuffs, he/she also knows how to communicate well!

Points breakdown

Completing a box : 100

Submit a report : 50 (could be walkthrough or pen-testing report)

Intermediate Level: 10

Medium Level to hard level: 25

A hard box (OSCP type) : 50

Highest score person will receive a prize in the end of the semester!

Some hints for set up the lab:

After you download a ova box, make sure you set your attcking machine(kali) and the victim machine(the box) in a same NATNetWork, which allows those machines see each other in a LAN!!!! Really Important!!


You can see your rank in here